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itlwm is an open source Intel Wi-Fi project for macOS, the vast majority of code is ported from OpenBSD and some contents are based on iwlwifi from Linux.


itlwm contains two Kernel Extensions: itlwm.kext and AirportItlwm.kext; they are both distributed on the project's GitHub Release Page.


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Written by zxystd on March 1, 2020

Translated by Bat.bat & stevezhengshiqi, improved by s0ullight

It has been exactly three and a half months since I released the Intel Bluetooth Firmware Uploader Kext, and I truly appreciate everyone who supports me. I began using MacOS half a year ago. Without having a solid understanding of IOKit, I tried my best to move forward and things might be wrong. I did this with full caution and passion for Hackintosh.

People who follow me should know I have another Intel Wi-Fi Kext Repository AppleIntelWifiAdapter which is based on Linux's iwlwifi code; so far the Kext can upload firmware for Intel Wi-Fi cards of 3, 7, 8, 9, ax series and do simple RX & TX I/O. Because the integrated 80211 ported from OpenBSD in that project has so many things that require testing, I came up with the idea of porting the entire iwm driver from OpenBSD. This repo is the result. Since I ported Linux drivers before, the porting progress is extremely smooth this time. It only took half a day to port the entire code and then I spent roughly one month to tweak it.

Now, Intel Wi-Fi Cards are finally able to access the Internet!

Don't be misled by Ethernet shown in System Preferences. The reason is that I didn't use Apple's closed source IO80211Family, but rather spoofed the hardware as an Ethernet device, just like USB Wi-Fi cards.

I decided to open source the code. Anyone can view my code and modify it, but whoever you are, you have to inform me of the content you modified and keep the copyright information in the code, thank you very much!

I will keep making progress. Everyone should keep a positive attitude and believe in the immense power of the Open Source community, the power from China, and the World. So far I've taken a big step. Not only has my theory been proven to be correct, but also made into a reality. WE NEED TO BREAK THE STEREOTYPE OF "GIVE UP IN INTEL!"