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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between Alpha Prerelease and Latest Release

  • Alpha Prerelease

A testing version automatically compiled by GitHub actions based on the latest source code on the master branch.

Note that Alpha Prerelease Kexts are never tested; we do not guarantee their availability, usability, and stability.

NOT recommended for daily use

  • Latest Stable Release

An official stable version. This version is usually released after new features are implemented and tested.

Recommended for daily use.

Which Kext Should I Use

Read the Installation guide for more information.

Is My Card Supported

Read the Compatibility table for more information.


Advanced User Configuration

The following boot-args are available in the latest version:

  • itlwm_cc=COUNTRY_CODE Change the country code to a desired one, effective on all devices, mostly useful for iwn, 7000 & 8000 series iwm using itlwm.kext or running macOS earlier than 10.14.
  • -novht Disable IEEE802.11AC support, useful if router has compatibility issues.
  • -noht40 Disables 40MHz when using 2.4GHz (Use this option if the network with this config causes instabilities. Natively supported adapters by Apple disable 2.4GHz HT40 by default)

Limitation of AirportItlwm.kext

  • Handoff and Universal Clipboard are the only supported Continuity features.
  • Instant Hotspot from iPhone can be recognized but the hotspot must be enabled directly on the iPhone first, see itlwm #749
  • Unable to connect to Hidden Networks.

How to connect to my Wi-Fi with itlwm.kext

  • By HeliPort (Recommended).
  • Fill in the essential information in Info.plist, located inside itlwm.kext.

How to disconnect my Wi-Fi with itlwm.kext

Use HeliPort's Options Menu (press the Option key while opening).

HeliPort shows itlwm not loaded

Visit our Troubleshooting guide for more info.

Nothing appears in System Preferences

Visit our Troubleshooting guide for more info.

About Platform Noise

Read this explanation from Linux for more info.

Can I use Bluetooth with Wi-Fi

2.4 GHz Yes, but it is known to cause performance issues.

5 GHz Yes.

Read this explanation from Linux for more info.

Performance SUCKS

Using the latest stable version (v2.1.0) connected to 5 GHz (160 MHz), the expected maximum speed is 950 Mbps for download and 650 Mbps for upload.

Tested with 9560AC & AX201 using iperf3

Performance is expected to have no difference when compared with other OS in 802.11AC mode.

Why does my adaptor turn back on after a sleep-wake cycle

By default, when the system boots, itlwm starts to initialize the Wi-Fi card and starts connecting to the Internet. This process can all be done before the system boots into user space and launches HeliPort. So, even if HeliPort has stored a property that indicates whether the card should be on/off by default and immediately adjusts itlwm's behavior, your card has been turned on anyway before then.

Currently, there is no way to make itlwm not power on the card by default on boot. If it's designed to be off by default and requires HeliPort to power it on, users may have to wait longer until the card is ready and it's not friendly for users that don't use HeliPort but rely on itlwm's Plist.


Is it a replacement of natively supported Broadcom Cards


Is it a replacement of USB Wi-Fi Dongles

Yes, 100%.

Why does my adapter shows up as Ethernet in System Preferences instead of Wi-Fi

itlwm.kext uses Apple's public IOEthernetController instead of the private IO80211Family.

Spoofing into Ethernet does not affect performance.

AirportItlwm enables the native Wi-Fi selection menu with limited continuity features.

Does it support connecting to Hidden Wi-Fi networks

MVM Gen 2 (iwx) cards do not support connecting to Hidden Wi-Fi networks.

iwm and iwn devices:

  • itlwm.kext: Yes
  • AirportItlwm.kext: No

Does it support WPA2/3-Enterprise or 802.1X

  • itlwm.kext: No
  • AirportItlwm.kext: Yes

Credit: usr-sse2

Does it support Location Services

Supported on AirportItlwm.kext.

itlwm.kext reports the Wi-Fi card as an Ethernet NIC to macOS, rather than Wi-Fi. This means that Find My does not work, since it relies on Wi-Fi data (like what networks are around you). This likely means that other location services don't work as well.

-- 1Revenger1

Does it support Apple's Continuity Framework (Airdrop, HandOff)

Only Handoff and Universal Clipboard works with AirportItlwm, other features are not supported.

Note: Handoff only works in one direction in macOS Monterey and newer (from mobile devices to Mac) due to the broken bluetoothd newly ported from iOS.

Can I use it to create a Personal Hotspot


Can I monitor Upload and Download speed

Yes, this feature was added since v1.2.0.

Does it support 40/80/160 MHz

HT40 (40 MHz) support was added since v1.3.0.

VHT80 & VHT160 support was implemented since v2.0.0.

HE is currently disabled.

Does it support 802.11AC and 802.11AX

Yes, 802.11AC and 802.11AX (currently disabled) support was implemented since v2.0.0.


Why not port code directly from Linux but OpenBSD

The amount of code from Linux is enormous. It will likely take forever to finish such a project with our current manpower.