# What does this Kext do

This Kernel Extension is a firmware uploader. Before this Kext existed, people had to either warm-reboot from other operating systems or passthrough the Bluetooth USB into a virtual machine to enable Bluetooth.

Note that this Kext is not a driver. It does not handle HCI commands, device pairing, and any feature other than uploading the firmware. The core part of Bluetooth is handled by Apple's Kexts with limited compatibility.

# Is the solution meant to replace native supported USB Bluetooth Dongles

Not at all, Intel Bluetooth is only partly compatible with Apple's Drivers and has limited functionality.

Please consider an alternative solution like USB Dongles with BCM or CSR chips if Bluetooth is crucial for you.

# I can't connect to device XXX but it's successfully discovered

Unfortunately, this is currently out of our control.

# Can Intel Bluetooth co-exist with other Bluetooth Devices


# Will there be any fixes for Bluetooth 4.X compatibility

No, we are not making any fixes for it.

# Will there be any fixes for XXX audio format

No, it's out of our control.